Professional Services


Contingent Workforce Management

Shortened timeframes, unique skill-set requirements or the need for stringent internal controls may force you to look for a partner who can make your objectives an operational reality.

SAI Technologies contingent workforce management services are modeled around providing you with quality resources that seamlessly integrates your organization and the internal control required to meet your technology objectives. It is a collaborative onsite model with the value addition of a dedicated account management team to give you the benefit of the right resources with the control they would exercise over an in-house team.

If you are looking to minimize risk, administration, and recruitment costs, then workforce management is the answer. Get in touch with SAI Technologies to learn more on how to leverage our proven experience and knowledge, to make your technology objectives a reality.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Need to save time and shorten your permanent hiring cycle? Then SAI Technologies direct hire services are for you. We provide value addition by helping you to identify, screen and provide you with the “Right Fit” resource that will shorten your hiring cycle.

If you need to reduce your HR cost for hiring permanent placements direct hire services is the answer. Contact SAI Technologies to learn more on how to leverage our large database of highly skilled professionals for your needs.

Project Staffing Services

Do you have contractors from multiple vendors on critical projects? SAI Technologies project staffing services gives you the flexibility of managed resources with a non billable onsite resource coordinator to pass on the HR burden to SAI Technologies and focus on the control they would exercise over an in-house team.

If you have HR burden and which is difficult to manage with multiple vendors, then SAI Technologies project staffing services is the answer. SAI Technologies with its extensive experience in staffing can help you provide with project teams right from project managers to developers so that you can focus on the project deliverables and pass on the HR functions to Collabera. Contact SAI Technologies to learn how you can manage knowledge transition with our Project Staffing Services.

Managed Staffing Services

Do you have multiple vendors with multiple contracts that have become a burden? Simplify your vendor management with SAI Technologies managed staffing services. SAI Technologies has state of the art systems that can help you manage your vendors from requirement to termination and ensure a single point of contact for all vendors.

If you want to reduce your cost and liabilities managing multiple vendors then SAI Technologies proven managed staffing services is the answer. Contact SAI Technologies to learn how you can benefits from our managed staffing services to provide a seamless cost saving alternative to manage your vendor base.

Managed Staffing Services include:

  • Pass-Through Management Services
  • Are you consolidating your vendor lists or streamlining your procurement process? SAI Technologies pass-through services will help you retain critical resources without increasing your budgets.

    Do you need a partner to help you transitioning large number of resources? SAI Technologies pass-thru management services will help you transition your critical resources and maintain teams on specific projects or enterprise wide transitions. Contact SAI Technologies to find out more on how our pass-through management services can help you with changes and maintain your critical resources during important mergers and acquisitions.